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Ray William Johnson is a young 31 ye
Ray william johnson

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ar old online comedian and video blogger. He became popular and well known for his quick rise to popularity with his YouTube based internet show =3 (Equals Three). The show runs twice a week and is pretty much a YouTube favorite. He begun airing the show just last year (in April 2009) and quickly became the top subscribed YouTube superstar. He is currently the # two subscribed Youtuber in history of that website. On top of his success he begun a vlog channel called Breaking NYC, a funny annotation of his

daily life.  

You need to have several characteristic/qualifications to be considered an original YouTuber. Being productive, have a large audience and like we said, be original. Just recently several people have expressed that Ray William Johnson does not fit the so called "YouTuber Profile" with his popular show "Euqals Three".

His main niche is reviewing viral videos. Ray William Johnson is known for popularizing/starting the infamous "internet memes". He popularized funny terms such as "Squaids" and "Doin your mom". The most memorable meme is "Fake and Gay" which references internet trolls.  

His most famous memes:

You're Adopted

Stalkin' your Mom

Your alcoholic dad

You be trollin'

2 Camels in a tiny car


Epic face Epic face Epic face Epic face Jizz in my pants

Doin' your mom

Whats happening forum

You ain't got no pancake mix


Shut up troll

I'm an evil demon baby with worms and I am so offended

Cutest furry little bastard evar

I keed I keed

I'm Ray William Johnson and I approve this message

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Last but not least, Ray's most interesting Theme of the Day is : Interacial Butt Sex.

-Removed a Picture of Ray doing another Dude.  

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